Knee pain!

  • Are you experiencing knee pain during or after your yoga class?
  • Have you been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee?
  • Do you have sharp pain in the knee joint with some yoga poses?

You are not alone! Knee pain can be a very common source of pain that limits yoga practice! There can be many reasons for pain. Lets start by looking at your anatomy to understand the knee joint.

Your knee joint consists of the thigh bone (femur) connecting with the shin bone (tibia), your knee cap (patella) floats on top. Under the knee cap you have a thick tendon (patella tendon) that connects the thigh muscles to the tibia and you also have fat pads that create natural cushioning under the knee cap. In between the tibia and femur bones you also have two thick horse shoe shaped pieces of cartilage (meniscus) that help the joint contour and aid in joint cushioning.

The knee joint is primarily a hinge joint (designed to bend and straighten), but if does have a small amount of twisting capacity. However it is not designed to twist alot!

Excessive twisting of the knee can contribute to irritation of the meniscus and over time this can become painful.

Other injuries around the knee can include – fat pad irritation, patella tendon pain, patella joint pain as well as osteoarthrtic pain. So it is essential you get an accurate diagnosis of your condition to determine the cause!

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Here are some quick practical tips that might help you in your yoga practice! Firstly understand that the hips are designed to twist and the knee is not! So if you have tight hips- this can mean more twisting load ends up in the knee joint resulting in pain. Stretching your hips in a way that does not overload the knee is essential! Next ensure you are not hyperextending the knee in your standing poses as this can place excessive load into the front of the joint.

Remember that knee pain is never a good idea in class! Watch this free simple tips you can use in class.

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  2. If you have sharp knee joint pain in lotus- watch this!
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