Everyone loves a freebie!! Short video clips on the management of common problems in yoga practice are free to view! Nichole is passionate about helping you understand and recover pain so freely offers these four short clips to assist you!

These short informative videos by Nichole Hamilton Physiotherapist and her colleague physiotherapist Kat King describe and explain anatomy basics, reasons for pain and simple adjustments that can be made to your practice to ease your symptoms. Suitable for beginners and intermediate yogis, these clips offer straight forward and easy to understand advice on managing your own pain.

We have four short clips to choose from for easy instant and free downloadable viewing that you can keep. Enjoy!

The information provided in these clips is not designed or intended to replace individual assessment and treatment from your health care professional.

Low Back Pain with Forward Bends

Experiencing lower back pain during your class with forward bending postures?

In this short clip, Nichole explains the anatomy of your lower back as well as the common causes of lower back pain with forward bends. Together with her colleague and physiotherapist Kat King, they demonstrate a series of forward bending postures and provide you with preparation postures, ideas, adjustments and tips to help you minimize your lower back pain.

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Low Back Pain with Back Bends

Having difficulties in your yoga class with lower back pain during backbends?

In this short clip, Nichole explains the anatomy of your lower back region as well as the potential causes for lower back pain with backbends.

Together with her physiotherapy colleague Kat King, they demonstrate cues and adjustments to protect your lower back during backbends. Nichole also spends time exploring a series of preparation postures that can assist you in minimizing lower back pain.

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Buttock and Hamstring Pain

Pain in the upper hamstring and buttock? Upper hamstring pain after class? Pain with sitting on hard surfaces or walking?

In this clip, Nichole explains one of the most common reasons for buttock and hamstring problems in yoga, which is known as hamstring tendinopathy. Together with her physiotherapy colleague Kat King, they explain your anatomy and the potential causes of tendon problems in yoga. They also provide advice and tips on how to minimise further load onto your hamstring tendon in class with simple adjustments for problematic yoga poses.

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Outer Hip Pain

Nichole explores the most common cause of outer hip pain during yoga which is known as gluteal tendinopathy. This is sometimes diagnosed together with hip bursitis.

Do you have pain in the outer hip area after class? Pain when lying on your side or walking long distances? Then the information provided here might assist you in understanding the cause of your pain and adjust your yoga practice to aid recovery.

Nichole and her colleague physiotherapist Kat King explore a series of yoga poses that can be problematic with outer hip pain and together they offer simple solutions and adjustments that you can make to your practice to help your recovery.

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