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Dedicated to improving your yoga practice with injury prevention, injury management, education on anatomy and alignment tips to manage and prevent pain.

Developed by leading physiotherapist and yoga teacher Nichole Hamilton. Nichole combines physiotherapy and yoga practice to assist you in injury prevention and recovery from pain. The resources offered here were developed and designed to benefit you, your personal yoga practice and also to enhance your yoga teaching practice. Browse our online video library!


Creator Nichole Hamilton is passionate about improving your health, fitness and wellbeing and expanding education for the benefit of physiotherapists, patients and yogis.

Nichole combines 18 years of experience in physiotherapy, yoga, meditation and education to empower your journey to optimal health. Nichole is an advocate for life long education and has been an educator for both physiotherapists and yogis for over ten years. In addition to The Yoga Physio videos, she has also developed online learning tools for the management of hip pain, as well as running regular workshops for physiotherapists throughout Australia.

The Yoga Physio includes free video downloads and short video clips on pain prevention, which outline anatomy and injury prevention for specific problem areas. Nichole also offers longer anatomy and injury prevention videos- perfect for yoga teachers to enhance their adjustments, cues and understanding of injury prevention during class. She also offers short yoga-pilates download classes for the management of pain- great for beginner yogis!

Browse The Yoga Physio for tips and advice on improving your personal yoga practice, or your practice as a yoga teacher for the benefit of your students. Nichole is excited to offer these resources and looks forward to sharing this information with you!! Namaste’

Yoga Teachers

Prevent common class injury risks! Keep your students safe and your classes full with expert physiotherapy ideas to prevent injury. Download your own physiotherapy video now!

Pain Prevention

Pain holding you back in your yoga practice? Understand your pain or injury from a qualified physiotherapist and get back to class safely! Download your own physiotherapy advice video!

Class Downloads

Would your like your very own home class that protects your injuries or pain, expertly guided by a qualified physiotherapist? These short practices combine yoga, physio and pilates for the management of pain.


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